Sound Therapy Practitioner Training

A comprehensive training and certification to become a Sound Therapy Practitioner and have an opportunity to make a huge impact in the world with the power of frequency, vibration and sound. Includes Business Training so that you can succeed fully.

Soulpreneur All In Mastery - Business Training

This is a high level Business Training for Entrepreneurs with Soul that are looking to amplify their business to 6-7 figures and beyond. This training covers everything from mastering sales, marketing, pipeline and follow up systems, strategy, breaking free from the vicious cycle of pricing, crafting your offer, mindset and subconscious belief systems and so much more!

There are 120 hours of training over the year program and 2 live events: Signature Retreat and Soulpreneur All In Business Retreat as a part of the program.

Entry to this training is through application only.

Integrative Breathwork Training

Breathwork Training and Certification upon completion of the 6 month Training, Practicum and all requirements. An opportunity to start your Breathwork Training right away and work with us online no matter where you are from. Supported every step of the way you can become an extremely effective Breathwork Practitioner and guide people in some of the biggest, most rewarding transformation of their lives.

Laughter Yoga Training

Spreading Laughter in the world and becoming a Laughter Yoga Leader is the most joyful and fun journey that you will embark on and you will reap loads of benefits yourself as well!!

Its as easy as enrolling, taking the Laughter Yoga Training becoming Certified and then starting your very own Laughter sessions or Laughter club in person and/or online

Cacao Ceremony Training

The Cacao Ceremony Training teaches you how to work with this gentle heart opening medicine. Centuries old Cacao Ceremonies have been used to bring harmony and peace within self and intrapersonal connections.

Strengthen your awareness, open your heart and unlock the magic of Cacao with the Cacao Ceremony Training.

Thai Massage Training

Thai Massage works energy lines and energy points in the body while stretching muscles. It supports a persons joints and over all flexibility. It combines acupressure, compression and passive stretching to create a whole body massage. The Thai Massage Training includes all your video instruction and Manual.