About Us

Our mission is to live a life of flow, joy and authenticity while supporting others to be free to be themselves.

Nicole Joyal

Nicole is a Sound Therapist, Breath Practioner and Wellness Coach. Nicole has travelled to some exotic places to learn more about others and herself. Including living in Burkina Faso, Africa for 6 months and doing an intensive yoga teacher training in India.

Nicole has tried many modalities eventually being lead to Breath Work and Sound Therapy. In her first Breath Work session she had an experience of pure love and a higher consciousness than ever before. Since that first breath session, Nicole began on the path of diving in with both feet into Integrative Breath Work and facilitating others in this life changing work.

Also having played percussion for 25 years Nicole is extremely Passionate about sharing Sound Therapy with everyone. She is an expert muscian who utulizes many ancient tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, tuning forks, drums, rattles, a gong, and various other insturments along with her voice to transform the frequencies in and around people. She has spent years sharing sound with all kinds of people and the sound Therapy she shares is for anyone and everyone.

Facilitating and Teaching for over 15 years, Nicole Joyal is a:

Dale Joyal

Dale is committed to creating a world of compassionate connection where people are free to authentically be themselves. He is passionate about modelling his own open and honest expression of himself and supporting others in doing the same.

Dale’s journey of having struggled with anxiety and depression lead him to intensive individual and group therapy for over 10 years and all kinds of personal development workshops and trainings. During this exploration he was eventually fortunate enough to be exposed to the power and transformative power of breathwork. Realizing this was the missing piece in his integration into wholeness and was so inspired by this that he knew he was compelled to become an expert in this work and share it with others.

Facilitating and Teaching for over 20 years, Dale Joyal is a:

And Together

Dale and Nicole Joyal are an extremely talented and passionate duo that uniquely bring their individual strengths together in a way that complements and highlights their gifts even more.

“We are here to Love, Serve, and Support you and are committed to facilitating the opening of your Heart through the Powerful Medicine of the Breath, Sound Therapy and Our Unconditional Loving Presence”