Sound Therapy

It's important to learn that we “hear” not only with our ears but with our whole body.

Everything has a frequency, our thoughts, parts of our body, emotions, pain or disease. It’s important to realize therefore that sound is actually a form of nutrition. When people take in beneficial frequencies, like in sound therapy, it’s like getting a whole body and mind tune up.

It takes people into very deep brain wave states, often even deeper than sleep. It’s common for people to feel more deeply rested than they ever have and completely rejuvenated and revitalized.

It’s also important to learn that we “hear” not only with our ears but with our whole body. Sound waves during a Sound therapy session travel deep into the body, even bone deep. In fact we hear with our entire body.

Sound therapy is extremely unique in that it balances both hemispheres of the mind and leads to a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm and joy.

Sound Therapy:

  • Increases Creativity
  • Enhances Problem Solving
  • Supports More Cohesive Relationships
  • Boosts Wellbeing
  • Creates Greater Productivity

Nicole works with:

  • Group Events
  • Corporate Teams
  • Private Individuals
  • Couples Sessions
  • Pregnant Women
  • Children
  • Special Needs Clients And Workers

Nicole Specializes in Corporate Events:

Sound Therapy in the workplace is an extremely effective way to increase Team building, Self-Care, Co-operation amongst employees, creativity, and productivity.

  • Whether you are looking to have 5 people in your corporation or over 100 of your staff experience sound therapy we can work together
  • Perfect thing to add into your meetings, staff appreciation, strategizing events or retreats

Sound Therapy Practitioner Training with Nicole Joyal

Become a Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner

Discover The Secret to Deeper Lasting Results for YOU and your Clients

This is for you if:

In this 15 week Training:

  • Learn theory and full understanding of Sound Therapy, can also be called Sound Healing or Sound Baths, and how to effectively apply it for clients
  • Exploring Sound as a healing tool
  • Be trained in Tuning Fork Therapy, that you can confidently do individual sound therapy sessions with tuning forks
  • Integrate Mindfulness into your everyday life
  • Learn to give Singing Bowl Massage
  • Have support in choosing the right instruments for you and teaching in techniques of how to play them
  • Have access to exclusive pricing on the best quality Sound Therapy instruments 
  • Be able to facilitate individual, couples, and group Sound Therapy sessions
  • Deepen your relationship with sound and experience your own personal growth
  • Belong to a Community
  • Develop intuitive, listening and presence skills
  • Discover the freedom of your voice and how to support others with this tool
  • Deepen your ability to provide a safe space for others to be authentic and heal
  • Learn systems and procedures to effectively implement Sound Therapy as a thriving business for you
  • Gain done for you templates to communicate effectively with new leads and existing clients

This training is for you if you’d like to learn to facilitate others with Sound Therapy and become a Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner and create a 5-6 figure Sound Therapy Business

AND if you’d like to have a deep personal sound journey to accelerate your personal growth

You will receive certification upon completion of the course and practicum

No instruments or previous musical experience is required to enrol

There will be instruments available to purchase and individual one on one time available with Nicole to help choose instruments best for your needs

Benefits of Sound Therapy

Physical benefits include:

  • Higher levels of energy
  • Sense of balance & direction improved
  • Fewer headaches
  • Relief from chronic tiredness
  • Relieve the sensation of shortness of breath or tightness in the chest

Emotional benefits include:

  • Relief from anxiety
  • More confidence
  • Less frustration
  • Improved ability to relax
  • Improvement in overall “mood”
  • Improved patience
  • Better ability to communicate and interact with others
  • Improved ability to express emotions

Mental benefits include:

  • Brain “fog” dissipates
  • More motivated in life
  • Improved ability to listen to new ideas with an open mind
  • Better organization skills
  • Improvement in attention span
  • Less likely to become irritable

Sound Therapy Testimonials

Frequently asked questions

What are other names for Sound Therapy?

Some people call it sound meditation and although it can be meditative it can also be much more than that. Others call it sound healing, this can sometimes be limiting as everyone plays an active role in their own development and growth and so it can be beneficial to not think of it as coming to be healed by something or someone. Even choosing to attend a sound therapy session means the person is a part of the joint process of healing. It can also be called a sound bath, which describes how the sound washes over you, more accurately the sound flows right into you and can have a cleansing effect both on a physical and emotional level. Or a sound journey is another name to describe the beautiful process of receiving sound therapy session.

What could happen in a sound therapy session?

Many things are possible in a session. People can feel a lot of tingling in their body as the sound vibrations travel through. Feeling deeply relaxed or meditative is also common. Sometimes people have emotions arise and since upwards of 90% to 95% of diseases are psychosomatic, meaning from suppressed emotions, having emotions released is extremely beneficial an didn’t sound therapy it’s in a safe and gentle way that these emotions can be released with the sound and filled with high vibration frequencies. Often people feel inspired, focused and creative from the sound and may even receive clarity as to what direction to go in their life. It’s also common for people to feel pain or ailments melt out of their body. So much can happen in a sound therapy session as the sound is a very powerful modality.

How is sound therapy session be beneficial for my work team?

Sound is a universal language and it’s very uniting. It’s not only great self-care for your team but also an incredible team building opportunity. It’s amazing to know that people that sing together in a choir actually experience their heartbeats syncing up with each other. Other than self-care and team building, sound therapy in the corporate setting and increased productivity, creativity, positivity, overall morale and cooperation amongst team members.

How is sound therapy different than music?

In a sound therapy session you are not listening to Music in the sense that we are used to. The sound in the session is purposefully unstructured, not incorporating rhythm and arrangements like music does. You are more so listening to the sounds rather than music. This has the ability to help you drop into deeper more relaxed brainwave states when the brain is not attached to a specific melody or rhythm.

Can children come to a sound therapy session?

Absolutely, everyone is welcome and benefits from sound therapy session even babies in the womb.

Although some children may find it hard to stay quiet or still for the length of a session in a group so as to not be disruptive to others in which case an individual session maybe more suited.

How did you become a sound therapist?

Been completely immersed in and studying music and playing percussion my whole life with so much joy and passion, I have created an intuitive and tuned in approach to sharing sound therapy with people over vast experience of playing for people of all ages and all types of conditions. Facilitating Sound Therapy comes as a combined experience of my Music background, Energetic Trainings, Coaching, Body work experience and emotionally supporting people for over a decade.

Can I still come to a sound therapy session if my body is not comfortable laying on the floor?

Absolutely, everyone is always encouraged to be as comfortable as possible and mindful of their bodies needs. A great option is the use of a zero gravity chair to be able to sit in or recline as you wish. You are also invited to use as many props as you would like to be comfortable and can also change your position within a session.

Singing Bowl Massage

Tibetan Singing Bowls are placed on different parts of your body while being played in order to create varying sounds and vibrations so that your vital energy can flow freely and a state of resonance and entrainment is created. The sound of Tibetan singing bowls harmonize and allow deep relaxation of both sides of the brain. The Singing Bowls stimulate stress relief on all levels and helps the elimination of toxins from the body. Sound Therapy in general is an ancient practice, having been used for a very long time.

The special thing about Tibetan bowls is that they produce a rich variety of harmonics and vibrations that have the profound ability to benefit you on a physical level by relaxing muscles, on an energetic level by increasing our vital energy and on mental level by inducing a meditative state and opening emotional blocks.

Sound Therapy Event with Nicole Joyal

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