Thai Massage

Thai massage is a full body massage and rejuvenation. Holistically improving your health.

Thai Massage works energy lines and energy points in the body all the while stretching muscles, joints and ligaments. Sometimes called Thai Yoga Massage, the practitioner stretches your body and puts you through different ranges of motion which are able to greatly increase your flexibility as your body is completely relaxed while being stretched.

Thai massage combines acupressure, compression and passive stretching to create a whole body massage.

Benefits of Thai Massage:

Thai Massage Training

Comprehensive Thai Massage Training with Nicole Joyal

Video and Manual Included in learning to support perfecting your skills

At the end of the training, you will be able to confidently offer 1.5 to 2 hour Thai Massages

Training Includes:

Thai Massage Manual

Teaching of the fundamentals and theory of Thai Massage

5 Modules:

1. The Basics of Thai Massage
2. Side Lying
3. Stomach Lying
4. Seated Postures
5. Targeted Add-ons